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Industrial Building

Malaysia Industrial Advisor,Consulting
& Services

In the late 18th century, a new wave of technological, socioeconomic, and cultural revolutions began to influence the rapid shift of economies once dominated by largely rural and agricultural production. 


This period of time, now known as the “industrial revolution,” played a vital role in shaping the way our global economic system works today.


Goods that had been previously crafted by hand started were being produced in some of the first factories with the aid of new machinery like the cotton gin. 


The introduction of improved transportation methods like the railroads and steam powered vehicles, allowed producers to expand their consumer markets beyond their immediate base and efficiently ship their goods to different markets all around the globe. 


These innovations shaped the way our businesses operate and the way our cities were designed as the need for a larger workforce for factories emerging drove the need for denser urban populations.


Buildings are built higher and more closely together in order to accompany the housing demand creating a synergistic growth between city expansion and industrial technology development.


Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, production of and transportation logistics for consumer goods have continued to evolve into the industrial complex that we know today.


And, because this sector is so important to the framework of our society, industrial real estate is some of the most valuable property that you can own.

Our Services

Our Services

Searching for the right property for you is our main responsibility and we take it seriously. We will work with you to understand your needs, requests, and personal lifestyle and diversify our strategy to capture the ideal solution. Our communication is comprehensive and transparent, we will cooperate with you to make the right selection and ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome.

Our Team - based on a solid local network that takes care of the details - able to guarantee you the most professional service.


Our Main Services Include:


Relocate, consolidate, downsize, expand, renegotiate a current lease,  purchase aproperty, or construct a building in Office, Industrial,  Retail and Commercial Land.

Our CommercialReal Estate 
Service Include

  1. Strategic Advisory 

  2. Investment Sales

  3. Corporate Disposotions

  4. Accessing Global Capital 

  5. Connecting Clients With Opportunities


Economic Development Incentive & Negotiation 

Each state in Malaysia is facing intense competition to attract foreign direction investment aswell as  quality job creation.

As a result, companies have significant leverage when looking to identify where to place facilities.  We specialize in working with clients to identify 13 states across Malaysia as wellas cross border to  ASEAN where they can secure incentives to offset a significant portion ofthe cost of a new facility.

Space Efficiency & Planning

Withe the right optimal space planning, this will not only transalate saving, it alsoincreased  productivity and avoid overlapping and under usage.

As global mobile work place strategies continue to gain momentum, we are forwardlooking  and partner with our clients to plan for maximum space efficiencies andcost savings without  negatively affecting their business requirements.

Disposition & Subleases

One of the major downfall for being under-utilized facility which our expertise cancome into  place to assist our clients to dispose underperform liabilities by applyingsale or sublease to  achieve optimal financial position as quick as possible.


National Global Corporate Account and Management

To ensure our client always be on top of the game, that is where national andglobal corpo-  rate account come into place.

Whether the need is to roll out new facilities across the country, manage a globalportfolio of  existing locations, or look to significantly reduce cost across aportfolio, PropNex team can  help. Our independence enables us to select the best partner in each market and ensure  that the best portfolio optimization strategies are utilized to drive bottom line value to the  organization.



We have a good track record to serve from start up, small medium enterprise [SME], Malaysia listed companies as well as Multinational companies for site selection to embrace from Corporate Headquartersto Boutique Office

Ready to find out more?

To ensure our client always be on the top of the game, that is where national and global corporate account come into place.

Whether the need is to roll out new facilities across the country , manage a global portfolio of existing location, or look to significantly reduce cost across a portfolio, 

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